Soldier Detained in Paju for Knife Attack During Exercise, One Injured

PAJU, South Korea - A soldier has been detained for allegedly brandishing a knife and injuring a person in Paju, a city just northwest of Seoul, according to officials who spoke on Friday.

According to a new release by Yonhap News Agency, a 112 emergency report was filed at 9 a.m., describing how a soldier alighted from a military vehicle and began wielding a military-issue hand knife at individuals in a Paju town. One person sustained injuries while attempting to subdue the soldier, the officials stated.

The police have detained the individual and are planning to investigate his identity, military affiliation, and the circumstances surrounding the incident.

The Army has identified the individual only as a corporal, revealing that he was in the area for a military exercise. The Army is coordinating an investigation with the police and has committed to taking measures based on the findings.

In a statement, the Army expressed regret over the incident occurring during a training exercise. It also extended its sympathy to the injured party and promised to be actively involved in their treatment.

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