South Korea and China Engage in Economic Talks in Seoul

SEOUL, South Korea - South Korea and China convened in Seoul on Tuesday for working-level discussions aimed at enhancing their economic cooperation. This meeting marks a continued effort by both nations to strengthen their economic ties.

According to Yonhap News Agency, the talks, according to Seoul's foreign ministry, focused on areas of mutual interest, including strategies to foster new momentum in expanding trade and investment. Both parties agreed to work closely in establishing stable supply chains. The meeting was the 27th session dedicated to a "comprehensive review of bilateral economic cooperation," with representation from Kim Jin-dong, director-general for bilateral economic affairs at the foreign ministry, and his Chinese counterpart, Wang Liping.

This meeting is particularly significant as South Korea seeks to stabilize the supply of key material imports, notably following China's recent suspension of customs procedures for urea shipments to Seoul earlier in the month. These annual discussions between South Korea and China have been taking place since 1993.

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