South Korea and U.S. Conduct Combined River-Crossing Military Drills

Seoul — South Korea and the United States initiated combined river-crossing military drills on Thursday, according to Seoul's Army. The drills aim to enhance interoperability between the two allied nations.

As per Yonhap News Agency, approximately 6,600 soldiers, including around 100 from the United States, are participating in the exercises near the North Korean border and other regions. The drills involve a significant amount of equipment, including 630 pieces, 700 military vehicles, and 40 helicopters.

The two-week-long exercises are part of the annual Hoguk field training, involving various branches of the South Korean military, including the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps. This year, the drills will focus on simulating threats posed by North Korea's nuclear weapons, missiles, and unmanned assets, according to the Joint Chiefs Staff.

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