South Korea Completes Nationwide Cattle Vaccination Against Lumpy Skin Disease

Seoul - The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs in South Korea announced on Saturday that it has successfully completed a nationwide campaign to vaccinate all cattle against lumpy skin disease (LSD). This achievement comes less than a month after the country reported its first-ever infection of the disease.

According to Yonhap News Agency, approximately 4.05 million cattle have been vaccinated since the first case of LSD was identified on October 20.

Following the detection of the LSD case, the ministry initiated an intensive vaccination campaign to protect the cattle population from the disease. As of now, the country has reported a total of 91 LSD cases, including one from the previous day. However, despite the successful completion of the vaccination drive, authorities plan to maintain a vigilant stance for the time being. This caution is due to the fact that it will take about three weeks for the cattle to develop antibodies against the disease, a necessary period for the vaccine's full efficacy to be realized.

The rapid response and completion of the vaccination campaign reflect the ministry's commitment to controlling the spread of LSD and safeguarding the health of the country's livestock. The ministry's proactive measures have been instrumental in addressing this veterinary challenge, which has significant implications for the agriculture sector in South Korea.

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