South Korea in Talks with Poland to Ensure Continuation of Arms Deals Amid Leadership Change

SEOUL: The South Korean government is actively engaging with Poland to ensure the execution of multiple arms contracts, despite concerns over a potential revision by the new Polish leadership. The current administration, headed by Prime Minister Donald Tusk, has indicated a possible review of the arms deals signed under the previous government, citing budgetary overspending.

According to Yonhap News Agency, South Korean defense firms have signed contracts worth approximately US$13-14 billion with Poland this year, involving rocket launchers, fighter jets, tanks, and self-propelled howitzers.

"We are continuing consultations with the Polish government through diplomatic channels to make sure that what was agreed between the two countries will continue to be implemented regardless of the change of the government," stated a foreign ministry official. The Voice of America (VOA) reported that a Polish foreign ministry spokesperson suggested the "scope of some of the contracts may need to be reviewed." The contracts with Warsaw accounted for 72 percent of South Korea's entire arms exports in the defense industry last year, highlighting the significance of these deals for South Korea's defense sector.

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