South Korea Initiates Tendering Process for Next-Generation Space Vehicle Project

Seoul - The South Korean government has announced the commencement of a public tendering process to select a leading company for its ambitious 2.01 trillion won (US$1.6 billion) space project. This initiative aims to develop a next-generation space vehicle with superior transportation capabilities compared to the Nuri space rocket, or KSLV-?, which has seen three launches since 2021. The upcoming vehicle is expected to conduct three launches between 2030 and 2032, with the final launch carrying a moon spacecraft.

According to Yonhap News Agency, The Ministry of Science and ICT stated that the chosen company will be responsible for the design, manufacturing, and operation of the space vehicle in collaboration with the Korea Aerospace Research Institute. The bidding process, organized by the Public Procurement Service, is set to begin in mid-December. The government plans to select the preferred bidder by the end of February next year and finalize the contract in the following month.

Several industry players, including Hanwha Aerospace Co., Korea Aerospace Industries, and Korean Air Lines Co., are reportedly preparing bids for this significant project. This development marks a significant step in South Korea's efforts to expand its capabilities in space exploration and technology.

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