An alleged cyber attack by the Islamic state group hit a South Korean company, and the police reportedly launched a probe Saturday.

The alleged ISIS hackers reportedly retrieved data of 20 South Koreans after hacking into the computer network of a news service firm, according to Yonhap news agency. ISIS had published the details of the South Koreans in a video last month, the report said.

The presence of ISIS supporters in South Korea was reported last year, with several people arrested on suspicion of working with the terror group.

In a video last November, the Islamic State group had mentioned South Korea among 60 countries in which it threatened to carry out terror attacks. South Korea officials are reportedly analysing if the hacking was related to the ISIS video.

The Islamic State group and its supporters have carried out numerous hacking attacks on government and private systems in several countries.

South Korea has also faced several hacking attacks from North Korea. Earlier this year, North Korean hackers had reportedly sent spam emails to South Korean public organisations.

Source: IBI Time