Seoul (dpa) – North Korea was responsible for a land mine explosion
that injured two soldiers last week in the demilitarized zone (DMZ)
between North and South Korea, UN and Seoul authorities said Monday.

The remains of wooden cases, spring parts and TNT explosives found at
the site indicated Pyongyang’s involvement, the head of the military
investigation was quoted as saying by Yonhap News Agency.

“The explosives are clearly wooden-box mines that the North Korean
army is using,” South Korean army Brigadier General Ahn Young Ho

North Korea had violated its armistice with the South by placing
“wooden box land mines along a known […] patrol route” used by the
South’s troops, the United Nations Command said in a press release.

The explosion severed the legs of two sergeants.

South Korean and US forces are scheduled to hold regular drills next
week. The mine incident could have been intended to disrupt the
exercises, an unnamed official at the Joint Chiefs of Staff was
quoted as saying.

The mine went off August 4 while South Korean soldiers were
patrolling a southern part of the DMZ that was previously mine-free,
Ahn was quoted as saying. North Korean troops might have laid the
mine under cover of recent heavy fog, he said.

It would be the first explosion of a North Korean mine in the zone
since the 1960s, the report said.

Yonhap also reported that the United Nations military command
proposed a generals’ meeting with North Korea in the wake of the

South Korean officials had said last week they thought the North was
probably not responsible for laying the mine.