South Korean and U.S. Navy Chiefs Discuss Enhanced Cooperation Amid North Korean Satellite Launch

SEOUL - In a crucial meeting aboard the USS Carl Vinson, the chiefs of the South Korean and U.S. navies discussed strengthening military cooperation in the wake of North Korea's recent spy satellite launch.

According to Yonhap News Agency, Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Yang Yong-mo and his U.S. counterpart, Adm. Lisa Franchetti, held talks on the U.S. aircraft carrier docked at Busan. The meeting focused on enhancing the allies' defense posture in response to North Korea's military threats, including its latest satellite launch, which defied U.N. Security Council resolutions.

Adm. Yang emphasized the need for an upgraded South Korea-U.S. combined defense posture, citing the advancing nuclear and missile threats from North Korea.

The discussions follow Defense Minister Shin Won-sik's call for joint maritime exercises involving South Korea, the U.S., and Japan to counter North Korean threats. These exercises, proposed to include the USS Carl Vinson, aim to bolster readiness against the North's provocations.

Adm. Franchetti, who arrived in South Korea for a two-day visit, is the newly appointed U.S. Navy's top officer. Her previous experience includes serving as the commander of the U.S. Naval Forces Korea.

The USS Carl Vinson's visit to South Korea, marking the third U.S. Navy carrier to do so this year, signifies the ongoing commitment of the U.S. to regional security and the strength of the South Korea-U.S. military alliance.

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