South Korean Bond Yields See Minor Shifts on December 27, 2023

Seoul, South Korea - The South Korean bond market witnessed slight changes in yields on December 27, 2023. The movements in yields for various treasury bonds (TB) and monetary stabilization bonds (MSB) were marginal, reflecting a relatively stable bond market on that day.

According to Yonhap News Agency, the yield on the 1-year treasury bond (TB) experienced a minor increase of 0.1 basis points, settling at 3.460%, slightly up from the previous session's 3.459%. The 2-year TB yield rose by 0.9 basis points to 3.319%, compared to 3.310% in the previous session. In contrast, the 3-year TB yield saw a small decrease of 0.1 basis points, moving from 3.221% to 3.220%.

The 10-year TB yield decreased by 1.1 basis points, reaching 3.260%, down from 3.271%. Meanwhile, the 2-year monetary stabilization bond (MSB) yield recorded a slight rise of 0.2 basis points, ending at 3.336%, compared to 3.334% in the preceding session.

The 3-year corporate bond (CB) with an AA- rating also showed a decrease in yield, dropping by 0.4 basis points from 3.962% to 3.958%. The 91-day certificate of deposit (CD) maintained its yield at 3.830%, unchanged from the previous session.

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