South Korean Bond Yields See Movement on February 20, 2024

SEOUL — South Korean bond yields experienced varying degrees of change on February 20, 2024, according to the latest financial data. The shifts in yields were noted across different maturities, from one-year treasury bills (TB) to ten-year TBs, as well as in monetary stabilization bonds (MSB) and corporate bonds (CB).

According to Yonhap News Agency, The one-year treasury bill rate increased by 2.4 basis points to 3.474 percent from the previous session's 3.450 percent. Similarly, the two-year TB yield rose by 1.8 basis points to 3.471 percent, up from 3.453 percent. The three-year TB saw a smaller increase of 0.8 basis points, ending at 3.405 percent compared to 3.397 percent previously. The ten-year TB yield also rose by 2.2 basis points to 3.489 percent from 3.467 percent. For the two-year MSB, the yield went up by 1.6 basis points to 3.461 percent from 3.445 percent. The three-year CB rated AA- witnessed a marginal increase of 0.3 basis points, moving to 4.105 percent from 4.102 percent. The 91-day certificate of deposit (CD) rate remained unchanged at 3.690 percent.

These changes reflect the ongoing adjustments within the South Korean bond market, influenced by various economic factors.

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