South Korean Bond Yields Show Varied Movements on December 15, 2023

SEOUL - The bond yields in South Korea exhibited diverse changes on December 15, 2023, compared to the previous session, affecting a range of treasury bonds and monetary instruments. These fluctuations are indicative of the dynamic nature of the bond market.

According to Yonhap News Agency, the yield on 1-year treasury bills (TB) saw a slight increase of 0.5 basis points, rising from 3.484% to 3.489%. The 2-year TB yield experienced a more significant jump of 3.7 basis points, moving from 3.338% to 3.375%. Similarly, the yield on 3-year TBs went up by 2.3 basis points, from 3.258% to 3.281%. The 10-year TBs also recorded a rise in yield by 2.6 basis points, reaching 3.358% from 3.332%.

In the monetary instruments sector, the 2-year monetary stabilization bonds (MSB) observed an uptick of 1.6 basis points, increasing to 3.370% from 3.354%. The yield on 3-year corporate bonds rated AA- escalated by 3.0 basis points to 4.010%, up from 3.980%. In contrast, the yield on the 91-day certificates of deposit (CD) remained unchanged at 3.830%.

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