South Korean Bond Yields Witness Decline on January 30, 2024

SEOUL – The bond yields in South Korea experienced notable changes on January 30, 2024, with most categories showing a decrease from the previous session.

According to Yonhap News Agency, the yield on 1-year treasury bills (TB) decreased by 1.8 basis points (BP) to 3.331 percent from 3.349 percent. Similarly, the 2-year TB yields fell by 3.0 BP to 3.312 percent from 3.342 percent, while 3-year TB yields dropped by 3.6 BP to 3.268 percent from 3.304 percent.

The more significant change was observed in the 10-year TB yields, which declined by 8.6 BP, moving from 3.436 percent to 3.350 percent. In addition, the yield on 2-year monetary stabilization bonds (MSB) decreased by 3.2 BP to 3.318 percent from 3.350 percent. Corporate bonds rated AA- for a 3-year term also saw a reduction in yields by 4.2 BP, ending at 4.009 percent from 4.051 percent.

However, the 91-day certificate of deposit (CD) yields remained unchanged at 3.680 percent, indicating stability in short-term borrowing costs. This movement in bond yields reflects the ongoing adjustments in the South Korean financial markets, with most treasury and corporate bond yields experiencing a downward trend on January 30, 2024.

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