South Korean Defense Minister Warns of Consequences for North Korea’s Provocations

Seoul, South Korea - South Korean Defense Minister Shin Won-sik issued a stern warning in a New Year's Day message, stating that North Korea's provocative acts against South Korea could lead to its own destruction. This statement follows North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's recent remarks characterizing inter-Korean relations as antagonistic and his calls for increased preparations against South Korea.

According to Yonhap News Agency, it is crucial for North Korea to understand that its reckless provocations against the Republic of Korea (South Korea's official name) could be a precursor to its downfall. Shin's comments come in response to Kim Jong-un's declaration that South Korea should not be seen as a partner in reconciliation and unification. The Defense Minister emphasized the continuous threat posed by North Korea's provocations, as indicated by the outcomes of the North's party meeting.

Shin called for heightened military readiness in response to the escalating security situation. He stressed that "powerful strength" is the only means to ensure "real peace," dismissing the effectiveness of mere words, paper, or illusions. Shin's message was unequivocal: if North Korea initiates any provocation, South Korea's military should respond decisively, aiming to deter further provocations by punishing the aggressor thoroughly and forcefully.

The South Korean defense ministry also issued a warning on Sunday, specifically addressing North Korea's plans to expand its strategic weapons arsenal. The ministry cautioned that if Pyongyang attempts to use nuclear weapons against South Korea, the Kim regime will face its end.

Despite international isolation, North Korea has persisted in advancing its weapons programs, having launched intercontinental ballistic missiles five times in the past year.

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