South Korean National Assembly Impeaches Two Senior Prosecutors Amid Controversy

SEOUL - In a significant political move, the National Assembly of South Korea voted on Friday to impeach two senior prosecutors, each facing different accusations. The impeachment proceedings come amidst claims of political meddling and alleged irregularities, stirring considerable controversy in the nation's political and legal circles.

According to Yonhap News Agency, the impeachment motions against the prosecutors, Son Jun-sung and Lee Jung-seop, were led by the Democratic Party (DP), the main opposition. The vote occurred during a plenary National Assembly meeting, which was boycotted by the ruling People Power Party. Son Jun-sung is accused of collaborating with a former opposition lawmaker to file complaints against key figures in the then-ruling camp, thereby initiating a prosecution investigation ahead of the 2020 parliamentary elections. He has been indicted and is currently on trial for these charges. Earlier this week, the Corruption Investigation Office for High-ranking Officials (CIO) recommended a five-year prison sentence for Son.

Lee Jung-seop, on the other hand, faces allegations of several irregularities, including false registration of his home address. However, critics argue that these infractions are minor and do not justify impeachment. They suggest that the move to impeach Lee is retribution for his role in overseeing an investigation into Lee Jae-myung, the leader of the DP.

Following the approval of the impeachment motions, both Son Jun-sung and Lee Jung-seop were immediately suspended from their duties. Their future now hinges on the decision of the Constitutional Court, which will determine whether to uphold or reject their impeachment.

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