South Korean National Detained in Russia on Espionage Allegations

MOSCOW — In a development that marks a significant point of tension between Russia and South Korea, a South Korean citizen was arrested on charges of espionage earlier this year, according to a report by the Russian news agency TASS.

According to Yonhap News Agency, the individual, identified only by the surname Baek, was apprehended in Vladivostok and later moved to Moscow for further investigation. Russian authorities accuse Baek of relaying sensitive state information to a foreign intelligence service. This incident represents the first instance of a South Korean national being arrested in Russia on accusations of espionage. Following the arrest, Moscow's Lefortovo Court has decided to extend Baek's detention until June 15, conducting proceedings behind closed doors. The context of strained relations, highlighted by Russia's classification of South Korea as an "unfriendly" country in response to sanctions related to the Ukraine conflict, underscores the gravity of this case.

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