South Korean Navy Chief Begins Diplomatic Tour of U.S. and Canada

SEOUL - South Korea's Chief of Naval Operations, Adm. Yang Young-mo, embarked on a diplomatic visit to the United States and Canada on Tuesday, aimed at bolstering military ties and expanding cooperation in the arms industry. The Navy announced the commencement of this significant two-nation trip.

During his stay in the U.S., Adm. Yang is scheduled to meet with his American counterpart, Adm. Lisa Franchetti, in Washington, D.C., and Jacksonville, Florida.

According to Yonhap News Agency, their discussions will focus on strengthening military relations and enhancing combined deterrence against North Korea's nuclear and missile threats. Following his visit to the U.S., Adm. Yang will travel to Ottawa, Canada, on Feb. 4 to meet with top military officials. The agenda for these meetings includes discussions on defense and arms industry cooperation between South Korea and Canada. The nine-day trip is set to conclude on Feb. 7.

South Korean companies are actively seeking to expand their presence in the Canadian maritime defense sector. This interest aligns with the Royal Canadian Navy's initiative to replace its aging fleet of Victoria-class submarines with newer models. In November, Hanwha Ocean, a South Korean shipbuilding company, signed a memorandum of understanding with four Canadian firms—CAE, J-Squared Technologies, Modest Tree, and Des Nedhe—for collaboration on submarine-related technology and logistics solutions.

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