South Korean Newspapers Headline Presidential Secretary Resignation, U.S. Bond Rates, and China’s Export Ban

SEOUL - Major South Korean newspapers on October 21 are leading with a series of critical headlines, focusing on the resignation of the Presidential protocol secretary, the surge in interest rates on U.S. sovereign bonds, and China's ban on graphite exports.

According to News Releases by Yonhap News Agency, Kyunghyang Shinmun and Donga Ilbo are reporting on the resignation of the Presidential protocol secretary amid allegations of their child's involvement in school bullying. The issue also raises questions about how officials in high-ranking positions are vetted.

Interest rates on U.S. sovereign bonds surpassing the 5% threshold have made headlines in Kookmin Daily, Segye Times, JoongAng Ilbo, and Maeil Business Newspaper. The news has caused concern in financial markets and has driven South Korea's KOSPI index below the 2,400 mark.

China's export controls on graphite are sparking alarms in South Korea's secondary cell sector, as reported by Chosun Ilbo and Korea Economic Daily. The ban could have significant implications for the country's battery production industry.

Other notable headlines include Hankyoreh's focus on the procedure of confirmation hearings for public officials and Hankook Ilbo's report that Samsung Electronics is consuming more electricity than the entire city of Busan.

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