South Korean Snowboarder Lee Chae-un Clinches Gold in Slopestyle at Winter Youth Olympics

HOENGSEONG, GANGWON PROVINCE: South Korean snowboarder Lee Chae-un triumphed in the men's slopestyle event at the Winter Youth Olympics, securing the host country's third gold medal. The final, held at Welli Hilli Park Ski Resort, saw Lee achieve a remarkable score of 96.00 points. Canadian snowboarder Eli Bouchard earned the silver with 90.00 points, and French athlete Romain Allemand took home the bronze with 89.25 points.

According Yonhap News Agency, Lee's path to gold was marked by a strong start with 91.50 points in his first run, followed by a setback in the second due to a fall, scoring only 37.50 points. However, his first run's score remained the highest until his final attempt. In a dramatic finish, Lee surpassed his previous performance with 96.00 points in his last run. Following his victory, Lee expressed disbelief and joy, emphasizing his focus on executing his tricks rather than the scores.

The 17-year-old, who is the 2023 world champion in halfpipe and holds a silver and a bronze in the ongoing World Cup season, is not just competing in slopestyle but also in the big air and halfpipe events at the Youth Games. With his sights set on additional gold medals, Lee views these victories as not just achievements but as sources of happiness.

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