South Korea’s Draw with Jordan at AFC Asian Cup a Learning Curve, Says Captain Son Heung-min

SEOUL - The South Korean national football team faced a challenging match against Jordan, culminating in a 2-2 draw during the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup held in Qatar. The team's captain, Son Heung-min, expressed his views on the match's outcome and the lessons learned.

According to Yonhap News Agency, the draw against Jordan, which took place on Saturday at Al Thumama Stadium in Doha, was a significant learning experience for the team. Despite not being fully satisfied with their performance, Son emphasized the importance of being mentally and physically prepared for every game in the tournament. "Today is another good example. As a player, as a team, we learned something from this game and luckily, it's happened in the group stage. So we have to move on, and we have to be even stronger," Son stated.

South Korea, ranked 23rd globally, was anticipated to have a comfortable win against Jordan, positioned 64 places below in the world rankings. The South Korean team had an unbeaten record against Jordan in their previous five encounters. Son's ninth-minute penalty initially put South Korea ahead, but the situation quickly changed with an own goal from midfielder Park Yong-woo and a subsequent goal by Jordan's Yazan Al-Naimat. A fortunate own goal by Al-Naimat later in the game allowed South Korea to secure a draw.

The result leaves both teams with four points in Group E, with Jordan leading on goal difference. South Korea is set to play Malaysia, ranked 130th, while Jordan faces Bahrain in their final group stage matches. The outcomes of these games will determine the progression of the teams into the knockout stages, with potential matchups against Saudi Arabia or Japan.

Son Heung-min refrained from speculating too far into the future, focusing instead on the immediate challenge. "When you want to win the tournament, you have to face any team, and you have to beat any team. You never know what the future will be. We'll just focus on the next game," he remarked.

The South Korean team is in pursuit of their first AFC Asian Cup title since 1960, a quest that continues to motivate them in this tournament.

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