National Assembly Speaker Moon Hee-sang, on an official trip to China, on April 8 met with Vice President of China Wang Qishan in Beijing.

At their bilateral talks, Speaker Moon noted that a peaceful mood had miraculously overtaken the Korean Peninsula, but that the present situation has become grave. I came here as planned, despite my health condition, to tell Chinese political leaders that now is the time for China to do its part, he said.

Underscoring that Korea and China have maintained amicable relations for thousands of years, the speaker said that China has played an enormous role in defusing the tension between the two Koreas in order to resume an inter-Korean dialogue. I expect China will continue to act as a catalyst for bringing peace to the peninsula, he added.

The speaker also highlighted the remarkable development of the ROK-China relationship since the two countries established diplomatic ties in 1992. He noted that the Seoul-Beijing relationship, which had been strained by military issues lately, has been placed back on track following ROK President Moon Jae-in's visit to China in December 2017. During that visit, President Moon invited Chinese President Xi Jinping to Seoul in an effort to further consolidate the ROK-China friendship. The speaker also extended an invitation to Vice President Wang to visit the ROK.

With regard to economic affairs, Speaker Moon asked for the Chinese legislature's active support for a swift conclusion to the ongoing free-trade agreement follow-up negotiations over the service and investment sectors.

Vice President Wang noted that President Xi placed a high priority on the ROK National Assembly delegation's visit to Beijing, and that their reception and meeting were arranged in cooperation with the office of the president. I think that when pictures of us sitting together are released, the goal of today's meeting will have been achieved through that alone, he said.

The vice president also said that from historical and practical viewpoints, China-ROK ties are based on the amicability between the two countries' peoples and that such relations are still developing, underlining the role of the two nations' presidents and political leaders in the process.

He noted that President Moon had suggested a desirable direction for China-ROK relations during his visit to China in 2017, and that cooperation in different sectors has been following that course.

Speaker Moon and Vice President Wang spent a fair amount of time at their meeting discussing the art of calligraphy, and they concluded that the scope of cultural exchanges between the two countries should be broadened.

After the meeting, Speaker Moon attended a luncheon with the vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, Wang Dongming.

Source: The National Assembly of the Republic of Korea