Stabilization of Hydrogen Supply Expected in Central South Korea by Mid-December

SEOUL – The South Korean Ministry of Industry announced on Tuesday that the recent hydrogen supply disruption affecting vehicles in central South Korea is expected to be fully resolved by mid-December. According to Yonhap News Agency, This development comes after a supply shortage was reported in hydrogen charging stations across the greater Seoul area, central Chungcheong Province, and eastern Gangwon Province. The shortage was triggered by a breakdown in hydrogen production equipment at Hyundai Steel Co. in the western city of Dangjin earlier this month. Hyundai Steel accounts for approximately 20 to 30 percent of the hydrogen supply in the region.

The ministry stated that additional hydrogen volumes have been secured and supplied from other facilities since Saturday, significantly meeting the demand at charging stations in the affected areas. The number of charging stations that had to suspend operations has decreased from 23 to nine, and this number is expected to decline further. As a result, the supply situation is anticipated to stabilize starting this week. Additionally, about 20 charging stations that had reduced their operating hours are set to resume normal operations from Wednesday.

Efforts are being made by Hyundai Steel to expedite the repair and maintenance work, with completion aimed for by mid-December. South Korea currently has a total of 160 hydrogen charging stations nationwide, with 96 of them located in the central regions of the country. This initiative reflects the country's commitment to alternative energy sources and the growing importance of hydrogen as a clean energy option for transportation.

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