Sub-Zero Temperatures Anticipated Across South Korea on Monday

SEOUL: South Korea is bracing for a significant drop in temperatures on Monday, with forecasts indicating morning temperatures as low as minus 15 degrees Celsius in certain parts of the country. This cold spell is expected to affect various regions, with daytime highs remaining in the sub-zero range in major cities.

According to Yonhap News Agency, areas in Gangwon Province are likely to experience temperatures plunging to minus 15 degrees Celsius. Similarly, the central region of the country, along with parts of North Jeolla and Gyeongsang Provinces, are expected to face temperatures around minus 10 degrees Celsius or lower.

Major cities are not exempt from this chill, with Seoul's temperatures predicted to range between minus 9 and 0 degrees Celsius, Incheon experiencing lows between minus 9 and minus 1 degrees Celsius, and Busan anticipating a slightly warmer range of minus 5 to plus 6 degrees Celsius.

However, a respite from the cold is expected starting Tuesday. Morning temperatures are forecasted to recover to annual average levels, ranging from minus 8 to 0 degrees Celsius. Additionally, daytime highs on Tuesday are set to rise above freezing across the country, with temperatures varying between 1 and 9 degrees Celsius above zero.

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