Sunny Skies Prevail Across South Korea in Saturday’s Weather Forecast

SEOUL - In a comprehensive weather update for South Korea, clear skies and sunshine are expected to dominate the weather patterns across the country's 12 major cities on Saturday. The forecast, issued at 9:01 a.m., promises a pleasant day ahead with zero chance of rain and varying temperatures from city to city.

According to Yonhap News Agency, Seoul will experience a high of 10 degrees Celsius and a low of minus 1 degree, maintaining sunny conditions throughout the day. Similar weather is expected in Incheon, with temperatures slightly lower at a high of 9 degrees and a low at the freezing mark. Suwon is predicted to enjoy a slightly warmer climate with a high of 11 degrees and a low of minus 2 degrees, under clear skies.

The central city of Cheongju is set to witness a high of 12 degrees and a low of minus 1 degree, while Daejeon will see temperatures reaching up to 14 degrees during the day and dipping to minus 2 degrees at night, both enjoying unclouded sunshine. Chuncheon, in the northern part of the country, will have a cooler day with temperatures ranging from 10 degrees to minus 4 degrees, yet still sunny.

The eastern city of Gangneung is forecasted to have a pleasant day with a high of 13 degrees and a low of 1 degree, under clear skies. Similarly, Jeonju and Gwangju in the southwest will bask in sunshine, with temperatures peaking at 14 degrees and 15 degrees respectively, and lows at or above the freezing point.

Jeju Island, known for its milder climate, will also partake in the sunny weather, with temperatures ranging from 15 degrees during the day to 5 degrees at night. Daegu and Busan, located in the southeastern part of the country, will experience highs of 15 and 14 degrees respectively, with lows staying above the freezing point, ensuring a sunny and pleasant day for the residents.

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