Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Steve Yoo in Visa Case

Seoul - The Supreme Court of South Korea upheld an appellate court's ruling on Thursday, favoring Steve Yoo, a Korean American singer, in his legal battle against the South Korean government's decision to deny him a visa. The Seoul High Court had previously ruled that denying a visa to a South Korean man for renouncing citizenship to evade military service was excessive, especially after turning 38, the age at which military service is no longer required. Yoo, also known as Yoo Seung-jun, had been barred from entering South Korea since 2002, after giving up his Korean citizenship and becoming a U.S. citizen, allegedly to dodge military duty.

According to Yonhap News Agency, He first sued in 2015 following the Los Angeles South Korean Consulate General's refusal to issue him a visa, a decision the Supreme Court found procedurally flawed in 2020. After a second visa refusal and subsequent lawsuit, the government stated it respects the court's decision and will consult with related authorities, including the Ministry of Justice, on follow-up measures. Despite Yoo's popularity in the 1990s and early 2000s, the military dodging allegations caused public outrage.

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