Supreme Court Upholds 20-Year Sentence for Former Inha University Freshman in Rape and Death Case

SEOUL, - The Supreme Court confirmed on Thursday a 20-year prison sentence for a former freshman of Inha University, who was charged with causing the death of a female schoolmate while attempting to rape her.

According to a new release by the Yonhap News Agency, the 21-year-old male had allegedly attempted to rape his inebriated schoolmate and caused her to fall from a five-story campus building, resulting in her death on July 15, 2022. After the incident, the man reportedly discarded the victim's clothes and left the scene without seeking emergency assistance.

Initially, prosecutors charged the individual with rape and murder, asserting that the man had caused the death of the victim through willful negligence. However, the district court dismissed the charges leveled by the prosecutors and instead applied charges of quasi-rape resulting in death. It stated that the defendant had not intended to murder the victim. The appeals court later upheld this lower court decision.

In its ruling, the Supreme Court not only confirmed the 20-year prison term but also ordered the defendant to complete 80 hours of a sexual treatment program. Additionally, he is banned from working at facilities for children or the handicapped for a duration of 10 years.

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