The Boyz returns with refreshing summery songs

K-pop group The Boyz is aiming to break into girl group-dominated local music charts with its second full-length album of refreshing summery songs.

The new album, "Phantasy Pt. 1 Christmas in August," was released Monday at 6 p.m. and features easy-listening songs with a refreshing vibe.

"We have released several albums with a concept of refreshingness before, and this album focuses more on easy-listening songs with addictive hooks that make it easy for you to sing along to," member Sunwoo said during a press conference held at a Seoul theater to promote the release.

Named after the hit 1998 Korean romance film directed by Hur Jin-ho, the album is part of the group's trilogy series that depict three different types of fantasy under the common theme of "We all dream of a fantasy." The remaining two parts will be released within this year, according to the band.

When asked about the reason for releasing an album trilogy, Sunwoo answered: "There are many genres of fantasy, from heart-throbbing to thrilling and scary to nostalgic. We prepared a trilogy because we wanted to share a variety of these fantasies."

The first part consists of six new songs, including the lead track, "Lip Gloss."

Touted by the band as a "summer carol song," the track combines house and synth pop, with a charming synth sound and a retro composition. The lyrics contain a man's desire to receive a sweet kiss like a Christmas present from the woman he had a crush on at first sight.

Hyunjae drew laughter from reporters while sharing the experience from recording the song. "The director asked me to sing more brightly. So I asked myself, 'Is my voice not as refreshing as it used to be?' and thought my voice has gotten deeper at the same time."

As for the objective for the album activities, Eric said he hopes the team will work pleasantly and continue to please its fans.

"Lastly, since it's an easy listen, I hope it will be well-known to the public as well as our fans, so it can be heard everywhere. I hope it will be a big hit," he added.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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