The People Power Party (PPP) Announces Plan to Bury Urban Railways for Redevelopment

SEOUL/SUWON, South Korea - The ruling People Power Party (PPP) of South Korea announced on Wednesday its ambitious plan to bury railways that traverse major cities underground as part of its urban redevelopment strategy. The project aims to transform the areas above these underground railways into modern urban spaces, featuring parks, office buildings, and residential homes. This announcement was made by PPP leader Han Dong-hoon during a campaign stop in Suwon, a city adversely impacted by the Seoul-Busan rail line that bisects it.

According to Yonhap News Agency, this initiative is part of a broader campaign promise in the lead-up to the general elections scheduled for April. The party aims to tackle the issue of urban underdevelopment caused by the presence of railways dividing cities. The PPP has previously proposed several policies focused on rejuvenating old urban areas nationwide. The party's statement emphasized their commitment to addressing not only the regional disparities but also improving the overall quality of life for residents across different areas.

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