The Times Adds ‘East Sea’ to Map in Article After South Korea’s Request

SEOUL -- The Times, based in London, has updated a map in a recent travel article to include the South Korean name "East Sea" for a sea area that had previously been labeled only with its Japanese name, the Sea of Japan. This change was made following a request from the South Korean government.

According to Yonhap News Agency, the article, published on Wednesday (local time), aimed to introduce South Korea as an exciting travel destination for the year. It included a map that originally named the sea to the east of the Korean peninsula solely as the Sea of Japan, a name that has been the source of ongoing diplomatic tension between South Korea and Japan.

The Sea of Japan has been the standard name for the body of water since its registration by Japan in the early 1920s, a period when Korea was under Japanese colonial rule. However, the naming of this sea has been a contentious issue, with Seoul advocating for the use of its preferred term, the East Sea, or for both names to be used simultaneously. The South Korean government argues that the term Sea of Japan is a remnant of Tokyo's imperialistic past.

Following Seoul's request for a correction, The Times modified the map in the article to include both names. A foreign ministry official from South Korea confirmed the change and emphasized the country's continued efforts to assert the legitimacy of the name East Sea in the international community. The official noted that South Korea would persist in its endeavors to ensure corrections in major foreign media outlets whenever necessary.

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