Thingsflow’s AI Chatbot Hellobot Featured Globally on Google Play

SEOUL — Thingsflow, a South Korean startup, has achieved a significant milestone as its artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot, Hellobot, has been globally featured on Google Play, marking the first time a Korean chatbot service has received such recognition, the company announced on Sunday. This selection positions Hellobot as a leading AI chatbot platform on an international scale, allowing it to expand its user base beyond South Korea.

According to Yonhap News Agency, Hellobot distinguishes itself as a first-generation AI chatbot platform that enables users to easily create and distribute chatbots specializing in various fields, including love tarot, personality and psychological analysis, and fortune telling, among others. With its recent recognition as Global Featured on Google Play, Hellobot has become accessible to users in Singapore, the Philippines, and Malaysia, signaling the company's commitment to enhancing its presence in the global market.

The South Korean startup, established in 2017, has been dedicated to developing and offering diverse services through its platform. These services include content creation tools like Hellobot, the chat-based game Storyplay, and Between, a private application for couples. Thingsflow's CEO, Lee Suji, expressed enthusiasm about introducing Hellobot to the international community. "We are delighted to introduce the beloved Hellobot from Korea to the global market. Leveraging AI, we aim to become the first B2C chatbot company to achieve profitability," Lee stated, emphasizing the company's ambition to lead in the global B2C chatbot industry.

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