Three Elderly Women Die from Electrocution at Sejong Public Bathhouse

Sejong, South Korea - In a tragic incident at a public bathhouse in the Jochiwon district of Sejong, three elderly women have died due to electrocution.

According to Yonhap News Agency, The accident occurred at 5:37 a.m. when the three women, all in their 70s, were in a hot tub at the bathhouse. According to a witness, the women collapsed with screams, prompting an emergency call to 119. Rescue workers arrived to find all three women in a state of cardiac arrest. They were rushed to a hospital, but two of the women died shortly thereafter, and the third was pronounced dead hours later. The police reported that several other people were in the women's bath at the time of the incident, but only those in the hot tub were affected. A police official stated that electricity appeared to have flowed into the hot tub, and a joint site inspection is underway to determine the cause of the short circuit. Officials noted that the bathhouse had passed an electricity safety check conducted in June.

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