SEOUL, The Supreme Court said Thursday it will make public all documents related to allegations its former chief justice used trials as bargaining chips for organizational changes in its dealings with the presidential office.

Prosecutors are investigating allegations that the National Court Administration (NCA) under the top court wrote reports on how to use high-profile cases to persuade senior presidential aides to then-President Park Geun-hye to support Chief Justice Yang Sung-tae's bid to establish a court of appeals.

Of some 410 documents that pertain to the scandal, 228 files have not yet been made public.

The top court said they are working on final details, such as concealing, for reasons of privacy, the names of people mentioned in the documents. They will be disclosed through media at the earliest date possible, it said.

The decision comes as a judges' association formally requested the disclosure of documents to incumbent Supreme Court Chief Justice Kim Meong-su early this week.

The mounting scandal has stirred a heated debate within the judiciary over how the Supreme Court and prosecution should handle the allegations. It has also put pressure on Yang to prove his innocence and argue that there was no unfair interference in trials.

Yang has publicly denied the accusations, saying no disadvantage was given to anyone who opposed his proposal to set up a court of appeals.

Source: Yonhap News Agency