Top Headlines in Major South Korean Newspapers Highlight Diverse Issues

SEOUL – Prominent South Korean newspapers on November 29th presented a range of top headlines, reflecting varied national concerns and developments.

According to Yonhap News Agency, the headlines in Korean-language dailies included reports of North Korea rearming the Joint Security Area as stated by Kyunghyang Shinmun, and Kookmin Daily's coverage of Busan's unsuccessful bid for the World Expo, described as a setback against 'oil money'. Donga Ilbo reported on the restoration of North Korean guard posts near the South Korean border, while Seoul Shinmun and Segye Times echoed the sentiment of Busan's dream being hindered by 'oil money'.

Chosun Ilbo highlighted that 87 percent of local administrative network equipment has exceeded its lifespan. JoongAng Ilbo and Hankyoreh focused on Busan's defeat in its World Expo bid, attributing it to the formidable 'wall of oil money'. Hankook Ilbo expressed disappointment over Busan's crushed ambitions, and Maeil Business Newspaper reported on the 509-day effort that expanded the 'territory of new Korea'.

Korea Economic Daily brought attention to the government's demand for a further reduction in communication fees, specifically targeting LTE services.

In the English-language dailies, Korea JoongAng Daily quoted President Yoon stating the world was impressed by the expo bid. Korea Herald reported on South Korea's warning of reciprocal actions in response to North Korea's border buildup. Lastly, Korea Times shed light on skepticism from Washington and Seoul regarding North Korea's satellite photos.

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