By: Lee Min-hyung

Actor Kim Bo-sung has released a video that shows him training for his debut with Road Fighting Championship (Road FC).

The video shows Kim throwing punches at a sparring partner inside a Road FC practice ring.

Kim, 48, known for playing tough-guy characters, said last week he would donate the money he makes as a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter to children with cancer.

“I hope all those who know me come and buy tickets for my match,” he said. “It costs about 100 million won ($89,600) to pay for the surgery for each patient. I want to save millions of children’s lives by collecting tens of billions of won from ticket sales.”

But details of his debut match are yet to be revealed.

Road FC CEO Chung Moon-hong said, “All revenue from ticket sales will be used to pay for the children’s surgery. I was impressed by his charity effort and hope more people buy tickets. If we sell tickets as usual, we cannot save many children’s lives.”

Last month, the actor donated 10 million won for pediatric cancer patients.

“My heart aches whenever I see those sick children,” he said in early May, donating the money to the nonprofit Community Chest of Korea.

“I want to help them have hopes and dreams. As a father, I hope they can be happy again.”