During recent years, transnational crime has caused the loss of life and violated the rights of people in the ASEAN region, said Secretary of State for Interior H.E. Em Sam An while presiding over the opening ceremony of the 14th ARF Inter-Sessional Meeting on Counter-Terrorism and Transnational Crime in Siem Reap province on Mar. 21.

The ASEAN leaders have mentioned that transnational crime has no limit and has been increasing its threat on the ASEAN Region, he underlined.

The slow down or halt in illegal mobility of people and goods remains a priority for law enforcers, he said, stressing that the increase in cross-border control through support from all law enforcers is a key measure to crack down on all threats.

To provide effective protection to people in the ASEAN region, the approval of legal instruments is needed in order to manage the eight types of transnational crime, he added.

H.E. Em Sam An also laid stress on the importance of cooperation strengthening among law enforcers in exchanging information related to migration issue, trafficking of arms, goods, humans and narcotics, etc., and of enhancement of law enforcers' knowledge and technical skills.

Source: AKP