Two Democratic Party Lawmakers Decline to Join New Party Formed by Lee Nak-yon

SEOUL — In a recent development ahead of the April 10 parliamentary elections, two lawmakers from the Democratic Party (DP), Reps. Cho Eung-chon and Lee Won-wook, announced their decision not to affiliate with a new party being established by former DP leader Lee Nak-yon.

According to Yonhap News Agency, their decision was made in the interest of "greater integration," signaling a strategic choice amidst a politically charged atmosphere.

This announcement comes as the new party, spearheaded by Lee Nak-yon, aims to attract members dissatisfied with the current leadership of the DP under Chairman Lee Jae-myung. The departures of Cho and Lee from the DP were motivated by criticisms of Lee Jae-myung's leadership style and the anticipation of challenges in securing party nominations for the upcoming elections.

With Cho and Lee opting out, only Rep. Kim Jong-min, another DP member who left the main opposition party, is expected to join Lee Nak-yon's new political entity. Their exits have sparked speculation about potential further departures from the DP, particularly among sitting lawmakers, and raised questions about the impact these movements will have on the party's performance in the imminent parliamentary elections.

Park Won-suk, a former lawmaker involved in the new party's formation, outlined the party's focus on policies catering to the middle-income class and national interests, indicating a strategic positioning to differentiate from the DP's current trajectory.

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