U.S. AI Data Platform WEKA Establishes First Asia-Pacific Office in Seoul

SEOUL - WEKA, a U.S.-based artificial intelligence (AI) data platform company, opened its first Asia-Pacific regional office in Seoul, South Korea, on Thursday.

According to a new release by the Yonhap News Agency, the new office aims to support South Korean AI firms in achieving innovation in data management.

Founded in 2013, WEKA specializes in helping organizations store, process, and manage data both in the cloud and on premises. The Seoul office will offer software solutions to local companies aiming to develop secure and efficient AI platforms. It will also assist in optimizing performance and cost-efficiency for AI companies.

Liran Zvibel, WEKA's co-founder and CEO, elaborated on the company's offerings during a press conference in Seoul. "We are the only storage vendor, the only data management vendor, where the exact same product that runs on premises also runs on the cloud," Zvibel said. The company's solution is compatible with major cloud services, including Google and Amazon Web Services, as well as on-premise infrastructures.

Explaining the decision to establish its inaugural Asia-Pacific office in Seoul, Zvibel noted that the South Korean market is both innovative and practical in adopting future-looking technologies. The company aims to offer local businesses better speed, simplicity, and sustainability in managing data across various industries, including AI, financial services, pharmaceuticals, entertainment, and manufacturing.

WEKA's move comes after raising $135 million in Series D funding in November of the previous year. Contributors to the funding round included Nvidia and Samsung Catalyst Fund, a venture capital fund affiliated with South Korean tech giant Samsung Electronics Co. Kim Seung-whoon, former head of Inspur Korea, has been appointed to lead WEKA's Korean branch.

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