Unification Ministry Condemns North Korean Leader’s Aggressive Statements Toward South Korea

SEOUL - South Korea's Unification Ministry, responsible for inter-Korean relations, has issued a strong rebuke against North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's recent aggressive statements toward South Korea. The ministry pledged a stern response to these provocations.

According to Yonhap News Agency, The ministry's criticism follows Kim Jong-un's call to revise North Korea's constitution to categorize South Korea as its "invariable principal enemy" and his vow to completely occupy South Korean territory in the event of a war, as stated during a key parliamentary meeting on Monday. This speech is part of a series of sharply critical remarks directed at South Korea by Kim in recent weeks. In a year-end party meeting, he had already characterized inter-Korean relations as "two states hostile to each other," dismissing the possibility of reconciliation.

In a statement, the ministry emphasized that North Korea will not gain security, economic benefits, or system stability through its nuclear and missile weapons programs. The ministry accused North Korea of attempting to divide South Korean society with these politically provocative acts and reaffirmed the government's commitment to respond to such provocations decisively.

Despite the heightened tensions, the ministry stressed its ongoing efforts, in collaboration with the international community, to ensure that the North Korean people enjoy freedom, human rights, and prosperity. The ministry underscored that it is the North Korean regime, not its people, that continues to pose a threat to South Korea.

Additionally, the ministry announced plans to increase support for North Korean defectors. This includes the designation of a special day for them, as instructed by President Yoon Suk Yeol in a Cabinet meeting earlier in the day, reflecting a broader commitment to addressing the challenges faced by those who have fled North Korea.

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