USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier arrives in Busan

The nuclear-powered USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier arrived at the southeastern port of Busan following trilateral naval drills involving the United States, South Korea and Japan in a show of force against North Korea.

Carrier Strike Group 5, which includes the aircraft carrier, the Aegis-equipped USS Shoup destroyer and other warships, docked at the naval base in Busan, 320 kilometers southeast of Seoul, for a five-day visit.

The U.S. carrier strike group took part in a trilateral exercise with South Korean and Japanese warships in international waters southeast of South Korea's southern resort island of Jeju on Monday and Tuesday, the first of its kind since 2016.

The USS Ronald Reagan last visited South Korea in September 2022, the first time after about four years. It is the second U.S. aircraft carrier to visit the nation this year after the USS Nimitz docked in Busan in March for naval drills with South Korea.

The visit comes amid heightened tensions on the Korean Peninsula after North Korea unveiled a new "tactical nuclear attack" submarine early last month. It has also vowed to launch a military spy satellite again this month after two failed attempts this year.

The defense ministry said the carrier strike group's visit has been scheduled as part of the U.S. commitment to further enhancing the "regular visibility" of strategic assets on the peninsula as outlined by their leaders in the Washington Declaration issued in April this year.

During its stay in Busan, the U.S. carrier strike group plans to conduct friendly exchanges with the South Korean Navy.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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