Varied Closing Prices Witnessed in KOSPI 200 Market

SEOUL - The KOSPI 200 index's latest closing prices revealed a diverse range of performances among the listed companies. The trading session saw both increases and decreases across various sectors.

According to Yonhap News Agency, SamyangFood closed at 183,000 won, down by 4,100 won, while KEPCO KPS ended at 33,850 won, a decrease of 300 won. LG HandH, however, saw an increase, closing at 318,000 won, up by 4,000 won. LGCHEM also reported an increase, ending the day at 426,500 won, up by 1,500 won. KEPCO EandC, on the other hand, saw a decline, closing at 65,200 won, down by 4,100 won. ShinhanGroup ended the session at 39,950 won, a decrease of 550 won. DENTIUM recorded a significant increase, closing at 117,200 won, up by 6,700 won. Other notable movements included HANKOOK TIRE and TECHNOLOGY, down by 250 won at 496,500 won, and KOLMAR KOREA, which decreased by 500 won to close at 50,000 won. JB Financial Group saw an increase, ending the day at 11,270 won, up by 110 won.

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