Veterans Minister Kang Jung-ai Embarks on Diplomatic Trip to France and Germany

Paris, France - Veterans Minister Kang Jung-ai has embarked on a week-long diplomatic mission to France and Germany aimed at bolstering international cooperation on veterans affairs, her office announced on Sunday. The visit is particularly significant as it involves countries that contributed to the Korean War efforts from 1950 to 1953.

According to Yonhap News Agency, Kang's journey began in France and will conclude in Germany. Her agenda includes meetings with key figures such as Christian Cambon, a member of the French Senate, to discuss bilateral cooperation in veterans affairs. Additionally, she will visit a veterans hospital in Paris to observe and share best practices.

The minister's itinerary also features her attendance at a ceremony in Berlin, where she will unveil the first monument in Germany dedicated to its Korean War veterans. This initiative, funded by the Korean government with 210 million won (approximately US$154,500), commemorates Germany’s medical contributions during and after the Korean conflict, which concluded with a ceasefire.

During her stay, Kang will also visit Munich to pay her respects at the grave of Mirok Li, a noted Korean independence activist and writer who lived in exile in Germany. Discussions regarding the potential repatriation of his remains are planned. Li, an influential figure in the Korean independence movement against Japanese colonial rule, authored several works in Germany including the autobiographical novel "The Yalu Flows" before his death in 1950.

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