Weather Forecast for South Korea’s Major Cities on December 16, 2023

SEOUL - The weather forecast for Saturday, December 16, 2023, for South Korea's 12 major cities has been released, providing details on temperature, weather conditions, and the likelihood of precipitation.

According to Yonhap News Agency, Seoul is expected to experience snow with a high and low of -3°C, and a 30% chance of precipitation. Incheon shares similar weather conditions with snow and a 30% chance of precipitation at -3°C for both high and low. Suwon, facing a 60% chance of snow, will see temperatures of -2°C.

Cheongju anticipates snow with a 70% chance of precipitation and a steady temperature of 1°C. Daejeon is set for sleet, a 60% likelihood, with temperatures holding at 0°C. Chuncheon is also expected to have snow, with a 60% chance and temperatures of -1°C.

Gangneung will have cloudy skies, with a slight temperature increase to highs of 2°C and lows of 3°C, and no expected precipitation. Jeonju forecasts sleet, a 60% chance, with a uniform temperature of 1°C. Gwangju, similar to Jeonju, anticipates sleet with a 60% chance and temperatures ranging from 2°C to 1°C.

Jeju will have rain with a high likelihood of 80% and temperatures between 7°C and 6°C. Daegu expects cloudy conditions, a 30% chance of precipitation, and steady temperatures of 4°C. Lastly, Busan forecasts cloudy weather with a 20% chance of precipitation and a consistent temperature of 7°C.

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