Website helps users navigate complex pandemic rules

SEOUL– A university student developed a website to make it easier for people to navigate a web of ever-changing social distancing rules on private gatherings.

The creator, Kim Joon-tae, said he developed the website ( to reduce inconveniences coming from complicated rules on private gatherings that differ depending on time of the day, vaccination status and regions, among other things.

The service, which went up Tuesday, asks a user seven questions about a planned gathering to ultimately determine whether the gathering is possible under the current social distancing rules.

“I developed the website thinking it would make it easier for people to easily check on private gathering rules, which became too complicated,” said Kim, 24, who attends the law school of Korea University in Seoul.

During the early days of the pandemic, he also developed other coronavirus-related online services, including one that informed users of restaurants and other business establishments visited by COVID-19 patients in their neighborhoods and of pharmacies with the number of available face masks.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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