Worker Fatality and Hospitalizations at Hyundai Steel Plant in Incheon

INCHEON, South Korea - A tragic incident occurred at a Hyundai Steel manufacturing facility in Incheon, where one worker died and six others were hospitalized following an accident during a cleaning operation. The workers were engaged in the removal of hydrofluoric and nitric acid sludge from a wastewater treatment tank when they collapsed.

According to Yonhap News Agency, the incident took place at 11:02 a.m. at the plant, located 27 kilometers west of Seoul. The workers, who were not equipped with gas masks at the time, suddenly fell ill due to exposure to potentially hazardous gases. A 34-year-old worker was pronounced dead after being rushed to the hospital in a state of cardiac arrest. The other six individuals are currently being treated for symptoms including breathing difficulties and decreased levels of consciousness. Police are investigating the exact cause of the collapse, considering the possibility of suffocation from unidentified gases within the tank. Discussions are underway regarding conducting an autopsy to ascertain the cause of death, with authorities examining the substances present in the tank. It was noted that the workers were employed by an external cleaning firm servicing the Hyundai Steel site.

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