Yonhap News Agency Reports Increase in Demand for Licensing of Content

Seoul, South Korea - Yonhap News Agency has experienced a notable rise in requests for licensing its content, which includes articles, photographs, graphics, audio and video images, and illustrations. According to the Yonhap News Agency, there has been a significant increase in inquiries and demands for using their content for purposes beyond personal and noncommercial use. The agency emphasizes that the use of its content for any other purposes without prior written consent is strictly prohibited. This policy is in place to protect the agency's intellectual property and to manage the distribution of its content effectively.

The agency has stated that violations of this policy could result in compensation claims or civil and criminal lawsuits. Yonhap News Agency has an established Information Business Department that handles requests for content use. Interested parties are encouraged to contact the department directly at 82-2-398-3557 or 82-2-398-3552 for permissions and licensing inquiries. This increase in demand highlights the growing relevance and value of Yonhap's content in various sectors, reflecting its position as a leading news source in South Korea.

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