Yoon calls for restructuring police to enhance public safety

SEOUL, President Yoon Suk Yeol called Wednesday for restructuring the police in a way that will place public safety at the center of its responsibilities and enhance its ability to respond to the scene.

Yoon issued the call during a ceremony marking the 78th National Police Day, saying crimes such as sexual violence, child abuse and domestic violence should especially not be tolerated.

"We must break the cycle of heinous crimes and create a country where the people can live at ease," he said during the ceremony at the former presidential compound of Cheong Wa Dae.

"We must restructure the police organization to place public safety, which is directly connected to people's safety, at the center, and continually raise its ability to respond to the scene."

Yoon urged the police to focus its abilities on ensuring the people can live safely and free from the threat and fear of crimes.

"In particular, crimes against the weak, such as sexual violence, child abuse, domestic violence and stalking, should never be tolerated," he said.

Yoon pledged the government's unsparing assistance to help the police more actively respond to violent crimes, including by swiftly distributing less-lethal handguns and the latest cutting-edge equipment.

He also renewed his commitment to creating a culture where men and women in uniform are given the respect they deserve, saying his administration has worked to quickly address the police's long-held wishes, such as a raise in the base salary.

"I ask you to bear deep in your minds that the state's first reason for existence is to protect the safety of the people" he said.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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