Yoon tells transition team to take people’s livelihood matters seriously

President-elect Yoon Suk-yeol called on his transition team Tuesday to take people’s livelihood matters seriously, saying issues such as real estate and taxes are more complex than they look on the surface.

Yoon made the remark during a meeting with the leaders of each transition team subcommittee, as they were set to wrap up their policy briefings with more than 50 government ministries and offices later in the day.
Once the policy briefings are completed, the transition team will begin the process of crafting a state agenda ahead of the launch of the Yoon administration in May.

“Of the issues that the people face, at first glance some of them may appear basic, but in fact in many cases, there is quite a high degree of logic behind them,” Yoon was quoted as saying in a written briefing by his office.

“The real estate market and house prices, and the issue of people’s taxes are some of them,” he said. “If you approach them thinking they look easy on the surface, you will be sure to pay dearly. Please approach people’s livelihoods with a serious determination to seamlessly and thoroughly take care of them.”

Yoon called on the team to take “preemptive and bold action” to resolve issues of polarization and the demographic cliff.

“With an education and labor system of the heavy and chemicals industry era of half a century ago, we cannot respond in battle to the fourth industrial revolution era led by scientific and technological dominance,” he said.

“Only when we achieve growth by upgrading the industrial structure through advanced science and technology will we be able to overcome the issue of polarization where the wealth and status of parents are passed down generations,” he added.

Yoon likened the transition team’s state agenda to a blueprint for the new administration, requesting each subcommittee hold sufficient debates.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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