It was when the Great Leader Kim Il Sung sought a people’s army base in February of Juche 52 (1963).

The Great Commander resolved the water problem in the highlands, which was the most difficult part of the unit, and stayed with the warriors.

When he was aware of the learning and life style of the warriors, he asked one of his team members what kind of problem was discussed at the 4th Fifth General Meeting of the Party Central Committee.

He heard his answer and asked him how he was determined to pursue the party ‘s decision.

He said he was well prepared for combat political training so that all his comrades were firmly armed with the great leader’s revolutionary ideals, and determined to prepare not only for the combat missions entrusted to him in any complex and difficult circumstances,

The commander instructed us that we should do battle drills to strengthen our defense capabilities.

In the meantime, soldiers should be good at combat drills, raising their shooting skills and training their physical strength. In shooting training, they should be training a lot of mountain shooting exercises such as shooting, shooting down, and shooting in line with the reality of our country.

The commanders and soldiers who received the great commander ‘s instructions once again deepened that strengthening combat training was the first duty of the People’ s Army.

Source: Korean Central News Agency