A gathering of youth avant - garde members to thoroughly carry out the task that Kim Jong Eun dignified as the highest leader in the New Year this year was carried out in the plaza of the foundation memorial pavilion on the 9th.

Choi, Hyeon-ji, vice chairman of the Central Committee of the Labor Party of the DPRK, participated in the meeting.

At the meeting, there were discussions following the report of Kim Il Sung - Kim Jong Il 's Youth Committee Alliance Central Committee 1 secretary Park Chul-min.

Reporters and panelists stressed that Kim Jong Eun 's New Year' s Day is an inspirational banner for life and struggle and a thousand - hundred - fold power and courage to the 5 million young men who have been on the path of this year 's majestic total march.

In the presence of the highest leader comrades of all young people, we mentioned that our struggle will be a vanguard and a thruster in the struggle to open up a new incarnation of the banner of tall,

The reporters and debaters will become pioneers of new technology, creators of new culture, pioneers of contrast drugs in today's turbulent times, and wherever the youths work, the spirits and vitality of the passionate youths who respond to the callings of the party,

Source: Korean Central News Agency