Cheong In-kyo Appointed South Korea’s New Trade Minister

SEOUL — Cheong In-kyo, a scholar with extensive expertise in economic security and trade policy, has been appointed as South Korea's new trade minister. The announcement was made on Wednesday, marking a significant appointment in the country's trade sector.

According to Yonhap News Agency, Cheong has a robust history in the field of global trade. He previously worked as a researcher at the Korea Institute for International Economic Policy and later as a professor at Inha University, where his focus was primarily on trade policies and economic security. This academic background is complemented by practical experience in trade negotiations, as Cheong played a role in some of South Korea's key free trade agreement (FTA) negotiations, including those with Chile and the United States.

Furthermore, Cheong's career includes advisory roles for various government bodies, such as the finance, industry, and foreign ministries. This experience has provided him with a broad perspective on trade and economic policies. In August of the previous year, he was appointed as the president of the Korean Security Agency of Trade and Industry.

Cheong, who is 62 years old, holds a doctorate in economics from Michigan State University. His appointment to the position of trade minister is notable as it does not require parliamentary confirmation. While he assumes the title of minister, the role is equivalent in rank to that of a vice minister, underlining the importance of his position in shaping South Korea's trade policy and economic security strategy.

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